Types of Accomodation

Where will I live?

Deciding where you are going to live when you leave Scilly can prove to be one of the most important decisions you make during the transition process. Get it right and your time away from home will be much more enjoyable, if you make the wrong choice life can be much harder.

Some of the most common choices currently being made by students include –

Going to a boarding school

There are a variety of boarding choices available including some State Boarding options where your education is free.  Generally you can expect greater supervision and monitoring of your movements and attendance at school  if you choose this option.

Further information about State Boarding Schools in the UK can be found at http://www.sbsa.org.uk

Going into private accommodation, sometimes known as 'digs' or 'accommodation provider'

Many students attending colleges in Cornwall choose this accommodation option.  Colleges usually hold a list of people who are willing to take in students  which you can access.  Some providers only offer accommodation from Monday to Friday, so you would need to explain that being from Scilly you need weekend accommodation as well.  Remember that there are often more students looking for accommodation than providers so the earlier you start looking the better.

 Living with a family member or friend

Some people choose to live with a family member i.e. older sibling / aunt / cousin / grandparent  or family friend who live in the area you choose to study.  Please note that if you choose to live with one of your  parents or your legal guardian on the mainland they will not be able to claim accommodation funding but you will have your travel expenses subsidsed to support costs of travelling home in the holidays so long as you remain registered as residing with your other parent on Scilly outside of term time.   

Living independently

If your family own  property in the area where you are studying, you may choose to live there.  Remember being  away from home at 16 years old is a big step and you need to consider how you you will feel not having an adult in the house to supervise - this may seem like a great idea  - but is not ideal if you consider how you will feel if you find yourself locked out of the house, you may run out of food or fall ill in the middle of the night and need help.  You are responsible for not only your own daily well being but also have the resposibility of ensuring the securtity of the property and with this brings certain risks which you may not really feel prepared for until you are slightly older.   You may might want to consider inviting a friend to share, however your friend's parents / carers would need to be equally as happy with the arrangement.  It will also be a good idea to check whether this has any impact on your accommodation funding. 

Staying at home on Scilly

Of course leaving Scilly and going to the mainland at 16 isn’t for everyone.  You may decide that you want to take up an apprenticeship on the Islands. Take a look at the Apprenticeships page.