Avoiding Debt

Keep an eye on your bank balance - it’s very embarrassing to have your card payment denied if you have no money left.  Don’t forget it takes a few days for cheques and other payments to clear, so your bank account may look healthier than it really is.  Online, apps and telephone banking are really useful ways to easily keep eye on your account.  Found out what services your account provider offers.

Don't Use Credit - remember that while it may be great to get a new outfit using a store card, credit cards or overdraft you need to pay that money back and the longer it takes for you to repay it the more it will cost!

Stick to a budget - for handy tips see our Sticking to a Budget page.

Get Help - If you do run out of money don’t ignore it and ask for help!

  • Speak to your parents or student support.
  • You can speak to a Citizens Advice Bureau adviser who can give you lots of advice and help on managing your debt or have a look at their website for advice and information. 
  • For more advice on managing debt check out Money Advice Services.
  • Getting a loan etc may look like a way out, but it’s a very short term fix and will cost you a lot more in the long run.  Click here for tips to avoid loans and scams.