Keep Your Money Safe

Some top tips to keep your money safe:

Card & Cash Machines

  • If you lose or your card is stolen notify your bank immediately (in person or by phone).  Normally they will cancel your card, your money will be safe, and you will have to wait for a few days for a replacement card.
  • Never tell anyone your PIN.  A bank or reputable business will never ask you for your PIN.  If anyone does, be suspicious and never tell anyone your PIN.
  • Minimise your time at the ATM by having your card ready when you approach the machine.
  • Be careful when withdrawing money, don’t let anyone see your PIN number.  Be aware of the people around.  It has been know for people to be robbed as soon as they have withdrawn money.
  • If the cash point machine looks suspicious as if someone might have been tampering, DO NOT use doctissimo viagra it.
  • Remember it’s better to be safe than sorry so ‘if in doubt, don’t take out’.

Carrying Cash

  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash!
  • Don't advertise the fact that you are carrying money!
  • Do not carry cash in a backpack or back pocket.
  • Be very careful how you carry your bag, and never leave it open for someone to slip their hand inside. 

Your Money Online

  • If you suspect an email is fake or spam, delete it without opening it.
  • Keep anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-virus software up-to-date.
  • Never give your personal details by email.  Banks and other legitimate companies will never ask for your personal details https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/ in an email.
  • Don't click on links in email.  Use your bookmarks to visit your bank's website, or type the address into your Web browser.
  • Login pages of bank websites are encrypted for security – you should see a locked padlock or unbroken key symbol in your browser window when accessing your bank website.
  • Check your bank and credit card account statements regularly.
  • If you think you may have provided financial information like credit card numbers to a phisher**, contact your bank immediately.

** phisher definition

For more information on banking safely online visit Bank Safe Online.