Sticking to a Budget

It may feel good to spend £30 on some trousers on Saturday, but it will feel awful when you realise that you have nothing left to spend for the rest of the week!

It’s not the most exciting thing to do but setting and sticking to a budget will save you a lot of stress.

Some useful information on how to set, make and stick to a budget and other ways to save money are here:

Apps - There are also loads of really useful apps for managing your money.  See if your account provider has an app so you can see on the go what your bank balance is, or search online for the best money apps there are lots of free apps to help you manage/ budget your money quickly and easily wherever you are.

What’s your money personality?  Find out here... and get some tips on how to change your bad habits.

If it all goes wrong and you’re money is running out, don’t be an ostrich – get help, start by looking at our Avoiding Debt page.