Alcohol and Substance Misuse


Some  people say they drink alcohol because it makes them feel happy and more confident.  However alcohol can also give you a hangover and make you feel ill, tired, dehydrated and depressed.  It can also cloud your judgement making you say things or act in a way that you might regret. Losing your inhibitions through drinking  can also lead to risky behaviours such as having unprotected sex or committing crime.  Your personal safety on a night out may be compromised after drinking too much.  Lots of people can enjoy drinking without it causing problems, however if you feel you are drinking to blot out any problems or issues you may have, there are agencies out there who can help you through support and counselling.  You can also talk to your GP.  Remember the legal aspect around under age drinking and always ensure you are within the legal limit if you are going to have a drink and drive. 

For more information and advice:

  • Drinkline
  • Addaction and YZYP - young people's drug and alcohol service in Cornwall  call 01872 300816.
  • Drink Aware - lots of information including drinking laws, interactive self assessment tools and lots of advice about how to keep safe on a night out. 


Some young people experiment with drugs as its all about trying out new experiences  - even though you know they may be bad for you – think carefully and know the risks before trying out a any drug.  Drugs can affect people differently, but they can harm the body and change the way the mind works so that people are not so much in control.  Solvents can cause blackouts, vomiting, heart problems and even death, some people get addicted to drugs which means they cannot cope without them.   Certain substances are referred to as ‘Legal Highs’ but it is always remembering that just because a drug is classed as legal it does not mean it is safe. 

For more information about the A-Z of drugs and advice about where to get help log onto Talk to Frank or call 0800 77 66 00. YZUP Cornwall

Smoking and Smoking Cessation

Most people know that long term smoking can cause life shortening cancer, heart and lung disease, but cosmetically it gives you bad breath, yellow fingers, rotting teeth, smelly clothes and hair! It is now against the law to smoke in enclosed public places and you must be 18 years old to legally buy cigarettes or tobacco.  If you are a smoker and need help to give up, there is help and support including access to nicotine replacement therapy which can vastly increase your chances of giving up.    To find out more about your nearest smoking cessation service contact www.gosmokefree.nhs.uk tel. 0800 022 4332 or contact your GP.  Remember that cigarettes and tobacco are very expensive and you may want to think about spending your money on a holiday, or something you have wanted but not been able to afford - a good tip to help you persevere is to put aside the money that you would spend on tobacco / cigarettes each week and you should see a real saving by the end of that month!