Emotional Wellbeing

Support and Counselling

Leaving home and moving away to the mainland to continue your studies / training can be a very stressful time and this is quite normal for both young people and their parents / carers.  Home sickness can be a common problem and is nothing to be ashamed of.  However there is help and support available to help you through this important transition.  The Council’s Youth Support Officer will have been working with you in school to help prepare you for your move to the mainland and is based on the mainland in Penzance.  You or your parents / carers can contact Marie Wilton at anytime by calling or texting 07900 176 900 or by e-mailing her at mwilton@scilly.gov.uk 

If you are feeling anxious and worried this can have an impact on your studies and coping with life in general.  Never feel you are alone.  Talk to your personal tutor at your school or college – many schools and colleges have a counselling service or can sign post you to agencies who can help.  You might feel everything is getting on top of you and it can really help to have someone to talk to about things – give yourself a break and do something you enjoy! Organisations such as Young Minds is available to help with mental health issues.  Other websites and helpline that you can access for help or simply to have a chat with a trained, friendly person at the end of the phone are;

  • nspcc helpline or call 0808 800 5000
  • childline  or call 0800 1111
  • The Samaritans or call 08457 909090
  • Kooth provides users with a free, confidential, safe and above all anonymous way to ask for help.  No matter where you are at college/university you can use your home postcode on Scilly to access this service.
  • IOS Council Children’s Social Care - The Council’s Children’s Social Care team are available for support  even when you are on the mainland.  This could be in their family support role if you need some help and guidance to get  ‘back on track,’ or their disabilities/additional needs role to help ensure that you have the right package of support to ensure your needs are met and/or in their safeguarding role to help keep you safe.  Telephone 01720 424354 or email childrenssocialcare@scilly.gov.uk.

Self Harm

Self harm is injuring yourself on purpose so you blead, leave a scar, mark or bruise or taking an overdose.  The most common ways to self harm is to cut, scratch, pull hair or burn.   Substance and alcohol misuse is also seen as a form of self harm.  Some people who self harm say it is their way of coping with things that are happening in their life.  There is help and support available to help you work towards understanding why you are self harming and how to go about working through this difficult time, for further information see www.selfharm.org.uk


Bullying can be verbal, psychological, physical or spreading of rumours that can happen to anyone.  If it does happen to you make sure you speak to someone about it, either friends, family, college tutor or the Youth Support Officer.  Its not your fault and you have the right to live without being bullied.  For confidential help and support in Cornwall call Anti Bullying Cornwall 0800 587 5991.  For national support web sites log onto www.bullying.co.uk or www.kidscape.org.uk.