General Health

Keeping Healthy

By keeping healthy you are equipped to enjoy your life to the full!  A healthy balance is key to this.  Keeping active will improve your overall health, your mood and help you maintain a healthy body weight. Just because you might not be into sports does not mean you can’t be active, take a walk, visit your local swimming pool or start a dance class.  Schools and colleges often have Academies and clubs which you can join – and remember affording time recreationally is just as important as your studies.   Being active can help with the stress levels that could be caused at difficult times such as exams or when working towards an important deadline.  Try to avoid fast foods like burgers, pizzas and kebabs – plan to keep them as an occasional treat.

There are many areas of our health we need to think about like sexual health, drugs and alcohol and our mental health and wellbeing, however by ensuring you are registered with a GP, you will have a  good basis to get any additional help and support you may require. 

GP (General Practitioner / Practice)

It is recommended that you register with a GP in your local area on the mainland.   The NHS website GP Choices can give you the information about where to locate your nearest doctors surgery.  Your school or college student services may be able to help with addresses of local doctors or if you are living with a host family they may be able to assist you in registering.  You can be seen as a temporary resident by a GP on Scilly during visits home in the holidays.  The School nurse on Scilly is also available for you after you have left school until you are 18 and you are welcome to contact him / her at any time for help and advice. 


It is recommended that you remain registered with the NHS dentist on Scilly and get a check up every six months when you are home for the holidays, if you need to see a dentist before then contact NHS Direct on 0845 4647 (or 111 if available in your area) to find out where the nearest NHS dentist is.  If you are in severe pain or suffer a trauma to the face, mouth or teeth after a recent accident or injury, you must go to your nearer Accident  & Emergency department (A&E) at your local hospital.

Sight tests

Remember to get checked out with your nearest opticians particularly if you have a prescription for glasses/ contact lenses.  It may also be useful to get a check up at this stage if you are thinking about starting driving lessons.  You can get a free eye test if you are under 18, in full time education and have not had an NHS eye examination within the last two years.  You may be asked by the optician to prove you attend a full time educational establishment - your school/ college can provide you with this at student services.   

Healthy Eating & Free school meals

Currently post 16 pupils are only eligible for free meals if they attend a sixth form that is part of a school.  However if you are studying at college you can apply for a meal deal card which entitles you to a free meal each day.  You are eligible if your parents/ carers are in receipt of one or more of the support payments listed at on gov.uk.  Contact the student services department at your school or college to find out how to apply.

For lots of information and handy recipe tips about healthy eating on NHS Livewell.

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